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Introducing a new plan to supplement your current long term savings and income.

The tax free income plan can be your solution. The video explains why.

High income earners often max out their 401k contributions leaving them vulnerable to retirement income deficits.

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The examples reflect an annual contribution of $10K annually for 10 years. Income distributed from the cash value for 15 years starting at age 65. These models and values are linear, which makes it easy to estimate different income amounts.

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It is recommended that income be withdrawn starting on or after age 65 to fully maximize the value of compound interest. There is no specific structure that must be followed when designing your plan. There is ultimate flexibility in how much premium you contribute, how many years you contribute, and no timeframe on when cash is withdrawn from the policy, unlike other retirement plans.

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Discover your missing asset

Protect the financial future and lifestyle of your family, and add a diversified tax-advantaged asset to your financial portfolio.

With a Flexible Indexed Universal Life Insurance policy, you have the opportunity to receive the following benefits:

Tax-Free Income

  • Your policy acts like a bank account; you can access your cash value within the policy income tax free2.

Tax-Deferred Growth

  • Life insurance has a unique tax advantage in that the policy's value grows income tax free.

Cash Value Protection

  • Cash value protection, less insurance costs, is guaranteed.
  • Eliminates all negative years in the market.
  • Opportunity to realize upside market returns with certain limits.

Long Term Care Coverage

  • Policy death benefit can be distributed early in the event of long term care needs.
  • No effect on cash value.
  • 90% of death benefit is available.

Permanent Death Benefit

  • Protect your family and assets with a tax free1 death benefit, paid to policy beneficiaries at death of the insured.

Minimal Underwriting

  • It is easy to qualify for the plan, without typical underwriting requirements.
  • Simplified issue is available.
  • Guaranteed issue underwriting is also available with certain qualifications.

This plan is only offered through the strongest A+ rated insurance carriers.

To sum it up, the Tax Free Income Plan provides life insurance protection with the ability to accumulate cash value at index-based interest crediting rates. With flexible premiums, you can properly fund your policy for lifelong protection and/or the ability to supplement your retirement income.

Value Of The 0% Investment Floor

Tax Free Income Plan may produce better long term returns


2017 Value



Eliminating negative investment returns can have a significant impact on your plan.

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